Send your document for digital signature in 5 easy steps

Upload your PDF, Word or Excel document

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Set the deadline for signature

Add a personalised message for your signatories

Send the document for digital signature both nationally and globally

Why you should choose SignIt

Unique Branding

Feature your personal and company logos and designs on emails and screenshots shown to your customers, partners and suppliers when they sign your documents.

Free Personal and Encrypted Archive

Receive a personal and fully encrypted archive to store and secure your documents and agreements.

Send Files Directly from Outlook

Send documents for signature and share files directly from Outlook.

Identity Protection

Using digital IDs and passports to sign documents help you validate the identity of the signatory so you can rest easy knowing exactly who you do business with.

No More Postage and Paper Waste

With SignIt, your management of signatures becomes fully digital and climate-friendly by removing everything from postage to envelopes, helping you save resources and protecting the environment.

Multiple Signatories

You can have multiple signatories signing your documents, and with either Company Plus or Enterprise you can determine the order of signatories.

Version Controlled API

SignIt comes with a state-of-the-art version controlled API, enabling developers and tech-savyy users to integrate it with other systems.

Deadlines and Automatic Reminders

With SignIt, you can set deadlines for your documents to be signed and create automatic reminders for your signatories.

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