Business Plus

Our most popular solution for companies with up to 100 employees, Business Plus is the ideal way for you to quickly and easily start utilising the many benefits of digital signatures. Read more about our prices here.

Reasons why you should choose Business Plus:

  • Intuitive user control - easily add and remove users as needed
  • You purchase signatures in packages - the more you buy, the lower the unit price
  • Active users can share the purchased signatures via the company account
  • Feature your brand and expression when sending documents to your signatories
  • The option to have agreements signed by multiple signatories
  • Determine the order of the signatories
  • Validate your signatories via social security number and SMS code to enhance online security and confidentiality
  • You can send the signed document by mail to all signatories (lower security)
  • Free encrypted archive of 10GB to store signed documents
  • Quick login with Nordic eIDs, Microsoft or Google Account
  • Free introductory course and email support
  • All documents are encrypted
  • System log that records all activities on your account
  • Validation of signatures via our collaboration with Nets, a part of Nexi Group
  • Sign documents with supported digital IDs and passports