You can create and send automatic reminders and follow-ups to your signatories


Sending and receiving files and documents has never been easier than today. Today's digital opportunities have opened up communication and removed the former physical barriers across both local and, not least, national borders. Within merely minutes, you can create and send a contract to a company abroad and receive it fully signed shortly after.

However, things can sometimes be delayed, and in these cases, sending a reminder to your signatories can be very helpful. Especially an automatic reminder, and that's exactly what we've been working on and are excited to present today.

As something new, you can create automatic reminders to ensure that your contracts and documents get signed in time. We call it "Automatic follow-up", and you can click here to see how to use it. With our new module, you can save time, resources and missed deadlines. Automatic follow-up is a flexible system that provides you with the proper tools to structure your reminders to suit your needs entirely. We have made a template ready for use with pre-made text, but you can also write your own if you want a more personal message to your signatories.

With the option of automatic follow-up, you can now spend your time on other things than manually having to follow up on agreements and contracts.

You can click here to see how to use the module, and you can click here to see how to get it.


In short:

  • Quick and easy follow-up
  • Automated Reminders
  • Digital administration
  • Never miss a deadline
  • Save time and resources

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