DK-Tømrer is a carpentry business on the Danish island of Zealand. They are a growing company, and with more than 50 employees under the tool belt, they perform everything from minor service tasks for private individuals to large enterprise tasks. They can be found on Zealand's largest construction sites, but the administrative work is carried out at the office in Holte. It was a challenge to get confidential papers to be signed back and forth between the office and the employees in an easy and GDPR-safe way.

The Challenge:

The challenge was especially to get employment certificates for new employees signed. The entire hiring process often occurs on the construction site where the job interview is held, and the new employees have their first day of work. For that reason, it had become an administrative challenge to get the employment certificates signed.

An employee from the office in Holte had to drive out to the construction site with the employment certificate, which the new employee could then read and sign. Once the signature was set, the employee would return to the office and file it in the new employee's personnel file. This was a cumbersome solution as it took an unnecessary amount of time and resources that could be better spent on other things and more.


Today, DK-Tømrer collaborates with SignIt to digitise the hiring process to write and send documents to employees more efficiently and have them signed quickly and easily. The system is simple to use and only requires you to log in to your account. The communication is secure and encrypted, and the data processing is in complete line with the GDPR.

Value Creation:

At the construction sites, the new employees receive a link to the employment certificate via email, which they can read and sign with their digital ID when it suits them. In Holte, employees have better control of the process and can complete the administrative onboarding process more quickly without planning longer trips.

At DK-Tømrer, they now save work hours and money by digitally handling the process. The new solution has freed up time and resources, which they can now spend on other tasks.


You can visit DK-Tømrer by following this link.


In short:

  • Simple signature solution
  • Efficient HR tool
  • User-friendly system
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Save time and resources
  • Supports digital IDs and passports

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