Once you've signed a document using SignIt

individual/private account

As a private individual, you can receive and sign agreements and documents via our solution with and without a SignIt account. That flexibility is important to us, as we want to create an easy and convenient signature solution available to everyone. Creating a free account gives you access to several benefits, and there are things to keep in mind if you do not wish to create an account. Below we will briefly review these things so you can choose the right solution for you.

With a free SignIt account, your signed documents are automatically saved as copies in an encrypted archive at no additional cost. You can easily access the archive via your account page, where you, among other things, also can search for specific agreements and download local copies to your devices. It is also a personal archive, so only you can access your copies and, for instance, delete them if they are no longer relevant to you. You can, of course, also send documents for signature and access other benefits.

If you do not wish to create an account, we can not offer an archive, as for technical and legal reasons, it must be linked to an active account. This effectively means that you will not receive digital copies of your signed documents, which only you will have at your disposal.

However, you can still access a document via the signing link you received in your inbox when the document was initially signed. Via the same link, you can also download a PDF copy to keep a local copy on your device. Since you do not have access to a digital copy, the document will only be available online to a limited extent, so we recommend that you download a copy.

Employee/company account 

As an employee of a company with a Business Plus or Enterprise account, you can find your signed documents by logging in to signit.eu. From your private account, you should have access to your company account and be able to access the company archive.

However, you should be aware that the document may be archived in another system or deleted from signit.eu. This could be the case if your company uses a document management system, CRM, ERP or similar. If so, you can find the document in the relevant archive or ask your company's SignIt administrator.