Express is ideal for private individuals, self-employed entrepreneurs and small companies with a relatively low number of documents and contracts to be signed. For example, Express is suited for private individuals who rent out their car, vacation house or personal equipment to private users and need to have rental contracts signed securely and legally valid.

The account is entirely free and requires no installation to use. You pay per signature*, and to help you get started with SignIt, you'll even receive the first five signatures for free. Read more about our prices here.

Reasons why you should choose Express:

  • It’s quick and easy to use - it requires no installation at all
  • Within 5 minutes, you've created your account and sent your first document to be signed
  • No subscription bindings or hidden terms
  • Free encrypted archive of 1GB to store signed documents
  • Quick login with Nordic eIDs, Microsoft or Google Account
  • The option to have agreements signed by multiple signatories
  • Free introductory course and email support
  • All documents are encrypted and secured
  • Validation of signatures via our collaboration with Nets, a part of Nexi Group
  • Sign documents with supported digital IDs and passports


Try Express today and get five digital signatures for free.

 *you pay a set price per signature, but you might be billed for added services such as SMS validation, social security number authentication and fees related to using passports. Please refer to our pricing list for more info.