SignIt: Setting New Standards in the Digital Age ApS is a European software company based in Vejle, Denmark, with subsidiaries in Germany, France, and the USA, specializing in digital signature solutions and secure file sharing. At SignIt, we believe that creativity sets the only limits for personal and commercial growth in the digital age. We see tremendous untapped opportunities waiting to be explored and will see even more arise in the future.

Since our foundation in 2015, we have worked diligently to use the latest technologies and opportunities to create digital solutions that add value and make a visible difference. For instance, we believe that increased digitalization can improve the bottom line, benefit the environment, and make the planet more sustainable. These are lofty goals, but we strive to reach them every day and raise the bar even further in the digital world.

Our origin in Scandinavia underlines our mission to make all agreements in Europe completely green and digital using technology, digitization, and innovation. Therefore, we do not have a large sales force that travels all across Europe and beyond. Instead, we use the latest technology available to be in close contact with our customers and the rest of the world.

SignIt: A Digital Signature Solution

With SignIt, we have created a system where you and your company can use current and future technologies to create added value. The fundamental idea is to help private and public authorities and companies take full advantage of the opportunities with digital signature solutions using passports and digital IDs.

Today, we have learned that multiple companies do not take full advantage of digital options to streamline their work tasks and protect the environment. Numerous companies still use manual, somewhat cumbersome and inflexible work processes that do not most advantageously utilize resources. Employees tend to spend hours and valuable resources on relatively heavy tasks and paperwork that they could spend on other, potentially more value-creating activities. Since these tasks often require physical paper, they do not benefit the environment, so we have put all our efforts into creating "the paperless office." We see tomorrow's office as fully digital with neither paperwork nor paper waste.

Using SignIt, digital possibilities are fully utilized to help companies avoid senseless paperwork, franking, postage, scanning documents, and manual archiving. SignIt makes work processes easier, quicker, more automated, and more environmentally friendly while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

SignIt has been developed in collaboration with Nets (based in Denmark and part of Nexi Group) using their digital ID solutions and security and validation technologies.

Our vision is that only creativity sets the limits for personal and commercial growth in the digital age.

Our mission is to make all legally binding agreements wholly green and entirely digital.

Try SignIt today with a free Express account and get the first five signatures for free. Simply create an account, and you can send your first document within 5 minutes. Also, feel free to contact one of our advisors at and hear more about your options.