This is how SignIt offers a secure solution.

Digital and online security are crucial components of our solution, and as such, SignIt has been created to be safe, secure and easy to use. This is a responsibility that we work hard and are eager to fulfil daily. As we handle thousands of documents with personal and company sensitive information, SignIt is also designed with GDPR and eIDAS in mind. This way, you can be completely confident that your data and documents are stored securely and comply with the law.

Your online safety is our priority, but how does it work? It already starts with logging in to, where you must use two-factor authentication before gaining access to your account. You can’t create a new account or log in without validating your identity.

Your files on are stored encrypted on separate file servers, and the communication between your browser and SignIt is secured with advanced SSL encryption. No one from the outside can intercept the correspondence between you and SignIt or access your files. There is also an automatic log file on, which records all activities on the account. If you experience something extraordinary, you can quickly check the log file and see what has happened.

Agreements and documents signed via SignIt are guaranteed to be legally valid and binding. However, we do not ensure that the agreement's content complies with the law. Please refer to your lawyer here.

At SignIt, we use only recognised encryption technologies, and our data centres comply with the strictest standards for digital and online security and backup.